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Benefits of Atorvastatin | Generic For Lipitor

Benefits of Atorvastatin

1. Lower Cholesterol Levels- A generic for Lipitor will lower your blood cholesterol levels the same as the name brand medication in almost every case. A few individuals in the population may react differently, and this is true with any drug ever manufactured, but most patients will see their cholesterol levels drop on the generic version similar to the drop seen with the name brand version.

2. Less Expense Each Month- Generic drugs are typically preferred because these medications offer the same drug action and health benefits but without the higher cost that name brand drugs carry. For the first set number of years after a pharmaceutical company patents a medication there is no generic form of the drug available. This allows the patent holder to recoup the research and development costs involved in creating and manufacturing the name brand version of the medication. Once the initial patent exclusivity has passed then other drug companies can offer generic versions and these cost less for consumers.

3. Highly Effective- The generic for Lipitor is highly effective for most patients who need to lower their cholesterol. Lipitor is the best selling drug and the #1 moneymaker for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to date. Almost 9 million people in the world took this drug on a daily basis until a generic version was allowed towards the end of 2011.

4. Better Health- When the generic form of the drug Lipitor is taken it can actually lead to better health. The generic drug costs less, and this means that there is more money available for other things instead. Many individuals who take drugs to lower cholesterol levels are older and these patients are often on a fixed income due to retirement or medical conditions. Spending less on a brand name drug may mean more money available for healthier foods instead.

5. Identical Active Ingredients- Any generic for Lipitor will have identical active ingredients as the name brand version of this medication. There may be a few minor differences in the inactive ingredients that are used in the generic version but the main components and drug action of the generic medication will be the same.

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